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No Label Squirrels

Meet the Writers

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Formerly known as emosquirrels, this is the community y_ie_hell. 3 women post their stories, poems, social and political rants in this journal. This journal will contain a proper layout for all stories.


Here is a slight explanation of each part of that layout.

Title - This is the title of your story, rant, layout, etc.

Author - This is the Author of the writing. It shall be signed with either "Y, Ie, or Hell".

Genre - This is the Genre of the story. The first part will be what type of writing it is. The second part is the actual Genre.
Example: Rant - Political
Slash/Yaoi - Angst

Rating - This is the Rating of the story. It tells if it is suitable to be read. Please remember to follow the ratings, however, fi you are anything like Ie or Hell you won't listen.

Couples - This is used to say what couples are in it, if it's a love story, lemon, or such. This part is not required.

Warnings - This is the warnings of the story. Some may be non-consensual, incest, offensive to democrats or republicans, etc.

Happy Reading!