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Title: Fushigi Yuugi: Another World
Chapter: Prologue
Author: Hell
Genre: Anime - Fushigi Yuugi - Alternate Universe
Rating: PG-13
Couples: None yet
Warnings: Lots of cursing

The plane hadn't even taken off the ground when four of it's teenage passengers started talking loudly.

"I still can't believe we're going to Japan with you guys! It was real nice of your sister to let us come." The seventeen year old smiled at the sixteen year old, her eyes bright at the
prospect of seeing Japan.

"It took some talking into," She replied with a smile of amusement. "But it's better than listening to Nicole's complaining."

"Remind me again why I have to sit next to HER." The fifteen year old glared at the seventeen year old next to her.

"Um... Cuz I'm an evil bitch?!," The eighteen year old replied. "Besides I wanted ta sit next ta Diane. You'll just have ta get along sitting next to Louise."

Diane tried to stifle a giggle at the image of her best friend trying to eat licorice without anybody seeing her.

"You know, this is going to get confusing." Diane said to nobody in particular.

"How's that?" Nicole asked, her mouth still full of licorice.

"Louese and Louise. It's going to confuse everybody."

"Just call me G then." Louese told her.

“Don't expect ME to call you that!" Nicole exclaimed, her hand grabbing more licorice from her bag.

"Excuse me miss," A stewardess walked over to Nicole and was looking annoyed. "Could you please keep your voice down?"

"Of course, I'm so sorry ma'am!" She smiled as the woman walked away. Diane rolled her eyes and pressed play on her portable CD player. Perfect Circle was blasting in her ears
when she saw Nicole pull out a copy of Fooshigee Loogee and start reading it.
/Someday she'll grow up, but if only that day would come soon./

The plane steadily landed, and the stewardess' started herding the passengers off.
"Hey, Nicole, Wake up already!" Louise shook her sleeping friend, she really wanted to rush out and see Japan but people weren't letting her out.

"Uuuuuuh..." Nicole stood up, her eyes adjusting to the situation around her. Louise knew if she wanted off soon, she'd have to get her friend. She smiled at the eighteen year old and was happy when she took her own hand, grabbed her bag, and pulled her through the crowd.

"Gomen nasai. Sorry. Very Sorry. Coming through! Outta the way! Hurry up! Hey, get the hell out of my way!" Nicole screamed as she pushed the people out of her way. Louise
wasn't sure whether to smile at her friend for getting them off the plane, or give apologizing looks to the people being pushed. She was vaguely aware of G and Diane following behind them patiently and sweatdropping.

"Have a nice time in Japan!" The stewardess smiled as she said goodbye.

"Thank you." The eighteen year old's attitude did a 180 as she smiled and nodded, her eyes shutting as she smiled.

"Thank you." Louise said softly, her hand letting go of Nicole's and she ran out into the airport. Her heart felt light as she bounced around, her brown pigtails hitting her
shoulders until she felt a soft tug on them. She turned to see Nicole smiling, her fingers flipping the pigtail, and her eyes searching for something.

"Isn't it nice how they forget we're here?" G asked the sixteen year old.

"I expected as much from Nicole," Diane replied as she spotted her sister and her sister's husband. "But I don't know Louise so I'll assume she's worse than Nicole."

"She is, that's a fair enough assumption." G followed Diane, with the other two trying to catch up.

By the time the four girls reached the hotel room, Nicole was looking royally pissed, G and Louise were confused as to what was going on, and Diane was amused yet trying to calm her friend down.

"Why the FUCK did she have to tell him?! It's Fuckin' embarrassing enough when you tell people in OUR country, but she has to tell people in fuckin' JAPAN? DAMN HER!!!" Nicole screamed as she flung her bag onto one of the hotel beds.

"Well he is her husband you know." Diane looked as if she wanted to say more but left it at that. G remained silent, feeling a strange companionship to Louise, even if she was still mad at the older girl. She watched as Diane unpacked her stuff in the dresser next to the bed Nicole had chosen. Her eyes widened as realization hit her.

"Hey! I'm not sharing a bed with HER!" G pointed to Louise as if she was a disgusting insect that was just found in her food. She heard her former friend sigh and turned back
just in time to see her rolls her eyes.

"You are too." The oldest girl practically growled the order, a sign that her friends knew meant that arguing further was not only futile but a serious hazard to everybody's health.
Luckily, Katie didn't feel like arguing as she sighed and unpacked her stuff. It was night, nobody was tired, but they went to sleep anyways.

The noise of the shower and soft humming voice coming from the bathroom awakened the three girls. Louise rubbed her eyes groggily and picked up her glasses. She still didn't
understand why G HAD to stay mad at her. Sure she was mad at G, but at least she was willing to talk to her, and she'd forgive her if she only apologized. In the back of her
mind she knew she'd go running back to her former best friend. Louise tried to hold back tears, she just couldn't handle seeing Diane and Nicole together, it was like a darker
version of her own former friendship with G.

/Someday, someday we'll be friends again.../

A tear slipped down her face and landed on the covers. She wiped her face and got her stuff ready to be next in the shower.

"Please no more Fooshigee Loogee theme song!" Diane said in a jokingly annoyed voice. She grumbled as she heard Nicole started singing a song by her favorite FL character, Tatsu. Louise saw G smile at her briefly then frown, almost as if she had forgotten they weren't friends. She had a feeling that by the time they returned to the US they'd be friends again.

Somehow, probably thanks to the girls’, or rather Nicole’s, begging, they had managed to get out of a fancy dinner and get to go around downtown by themselves. Diane watched as the other three girls skipped through the large crowd, singing 'We're off to see the wizard'. She couldn't help but laugh then rush up and join them.

It hadn't been their third time singing when she noticed Nicole stop. She then noticed Louise had stopped earlier and was now running into a bookstore. Diane quickly ran after her, the fifteen year old following her, and the eighteen year old ahead of her.
/For a girl who is so big and has asthma she sure can run fast./

"Louise! Nicole!" They finally found the girls sitting on the floor, at Louise's feet was a red book, and the other two girls knelt down besides it.

"I saw a red bird fly here... I swear!" Louise said to Nicole who only smiled mockingly at her.

"Universe of the Four Gods." G read the title as Diane turned to the first page and started reading.

"Herein contains the tale of a young lady and her quest to gather the seven constellations of Suzaku together. And if you, the esteemed reader, should read to the story’s end, the
spell contained within this book shall bestow upon you powers of the heroin, and grant you your wish. For indeed the moment the page is turned, the story will become reality."

"Oh! A monkey, a snake, a turtle, and a....” Louise rolled her eyes at Nicole who was now staring at a wall, not blinking. "COW!!!!"

The other three girls fell over as Nicole blinked and tilted her head. "What?"

"Can we go on?" G asked and Diane went back to translating. She couldn't help but have a weird remembrance of the words.

"A long time ago, in another world, a kingdom needed a protector. Who will take the challenge? Huh?" Diane's eyes widened as a faint red glow started to emanate from the
book and wrap around them. In her last moment in the bookstore, Diane dropped the book in surprise and disappeared.
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