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First actual story/fanfic

Title: Fushigi Yuugi: Another World
Chapter: Theme Song
Author: Hell
Genre: Anime - Fushigi Yuugi -Alternate Universe
Rating: G so far
Couples: None yet
Warnings: none

Note: Imagine Manga Pictures while the song plays. ^^

/Soar high Suzaku,/

A red phoenix flies through a bookstore

/Miracle La./

The bookstore fades out to the imperial city of Konan down below

/The legend begins to unfold,/

A red book lies at Louise's feet

/And the real me inside unfurls./

Diane looks scared at the others

/The distant echo of ‘I love you’/

Louese mumbles something inaudibly

/Leads me to you./

And holds Louise in her arms

/And my awakening soul shines/

Louise, Louese, Diane, and Nicole are surrounded by a red light

/In this other world/

The bookstore fades away to show a crowd of Ancient Chinese people

/Oh, what can I do now?/

Nicole stands alone with a blank expression but tears in her eyes

/For the one I love?/

Nicole sweatdrops as Louese pulls one arm, Louise the other, and Diane on her back.

/There are no dreams that can’t come true/

The four girls camped near a river under the stars

/I believe in what lies ahead/

Diane stares into the river

/Because I believe that love/

Nuriko goes into a fighting pose

/Will save us all the time/

And sweatdrops as Diane tugs his arm with a make-up kit in one hand and a couple
dresses in the other

/Open yourself to eternity/

Suzaku circles above Nicole and Louise while Seiryuu wraps around Diane and Louese

/To our Fushigi Yuugi/

The seishi are standing in a semi-circle with arms crossed. Louise does a peace sign in
between Tamahome and Hotohori.
Louese and Nakago stare into the camera from the left while Diane happily clings to
Louise has her mini-bible in her hands, clung to her chest. Nicole stands in the forefront
with a red fan in hand and looking determined. The logo then fades in.

/Fly, fly little wing/

Diane has her headphones on while reading a book

/Fly beyond imagining/

Nicole, Louise, and Louese skip down a road laughing

/The softest cloud, the whitest dove/

Diane with sparky eyes envisioning Tomo

/Upon the wind of heaven’s love/

Louise and Louese with pencils in hand looking determined

/Past the planets and the stars/

Nicole lies sleeping upside down on a chair

/Leave this lonely world of ours/

The girls look confused in the middle of a large ancient city

/Escape the sorrow and the pain/

Nicole and Louise are drawing on a whiteboard in a class

/And fly again/

All the girls smile into a camera. Louise and Louese playing airguitar, Diane making a
metal rocks sign, and Nicole making a peace sign.
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