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Title: Fushigi Yuugi: Another World
Chapter: 5 - Secrets Told
Author: Hell
Genre: Anime - Fushigi Yuugi - Alternate Universe
Rating: R (No, you will never see it go below PG-13.)
Couples: Potential Tamahome x Louise
Warnings: Nudity

        The horses smashed twigs under their hooves as they trotted along the mountain
path.  It had been silent for a while now.  Louise was able to walk, but still had a bad
fever.  Diane was looking around at the nature around her.  Nicole had her eyes rolled
upwards, annoyed by the silence.

“I’m about to go insane.” She stated quietly.

“Thought you already were.” Diane replied, looking at her friend.  Nicole didn’t seem to
be to happy with the seating arrangements.

“Think anybody would miss the Emperor if he accidentally fell off a cliff?” Nicole
wondered out loud.  Hotohori put his hand on his sword and looked at the girl
menacingly.  Quickly, the horse with Nuriko and Diane swerved in between the horse
with Hotohori and Louise and the horse with Tamahome and Nicole.

“Stop it.  Nicole was just joking.” Diane glared back at Nicole. “You can’t joke like that
here.  People will take you seriously.”

Nicole glared back. “As if I care.”

        The silence continued until everybody saw the sunset.  Hotohori pulled his horse
over to the side and everybody stopped near him.
“We should camp for the night.  Traveling in the dark is dangerous.” He explained,
helping Louise off the horse.  Nicole fell off the horse and Hotohori smirked at her.  She
glared at him and walked off.

“Nicole!” Diane ran after her.

“Leave me alone.” Nicole yelled from behind some trees, leaving the others to put up the

        Louise gripped the side of a tree in support as her head pumped in pain.

“Louise!” Nuriko snuck up behind the seventeen year old and the younger girl jumped up
in shock. 

“I bet you feel awful!  Here’s some advice.” Nuriko leaned in to whisper to her. “There’s
a hot spring a little deeper in the forest.  It’s supposed to have magickal healing
properties.  Take a dip!  It might make you feel better!”

“Thanks!  Hey, let’s keep this from the guys!”  Louise smiled, surprised at Nuriko’s
friendliness, and walked off to the hot spring.

        Nuriko crawled up to the sleeping blue-haired seishi.  She grabbed him and
dragged him towards the forest, causing the seishi to awaken.  His eyes bulged as rocks
stabbed across his back.

“What the hell are you doing!?” Tamahome screamed at the female seishi, a bump had
formed on his head.

/How predictable.../ Nuriko thought to herself.

“Message from Louise! “I’ll be waiting for you at the springs in the forest!”” Nuriko put a
finger to his lips, telling Tamahome to be silent.

“Why~Why me!?” Tamahome questioned, shocked that Louise had gone off on her own.

“Make sure you don’t humiliate her again!!!  Ciao!” Nuriko walked back to the camp.

        The water was warm and felt good on Louise’s naked body.  She swam around
slowly, smiling at the view of the moon on the lake.

/I feel a lot better now./ She thinks to herself, still wading through the water. /I can’t wait
until we go home./

Louise turned around and screamed.

        Tamahome walked through the forest, his hands on his head.
“I’m not going because she asked me to...  I just got nothing better to do.”  He mumbled
to himself.  Suddenly, a scream rang through the trees. “Louise!”

        “Duck Louise!” A male voice screamed as Louise tried to run from the springs’
snake.  Tamahome attacked the snake and disappeared from sight.

“T-T-Tamahome.” Louise looked at the empty water, her hands wrapped around her
breasts.  There was no sign of the seishi.  “Did.... The snake eat him?”

“Doesn’t look like a snake to me.” Tamahome appeared in front of the Miko and pointed
at the floating log.  Louise blushed in embarrassment.  Tamahome looked down and
Louise realized she was still naked.  Quickly both turned away from each other, their
faces becoming tomato red.

/Tell him you were lying.  Tell him you don’t love him.  Lie to him!/  Louise thought.

“I’m sorry!”  Both Louise and Tamahome told each other at the same time.

“Sorry, nobody ever told me they loved me before.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
Tamahome apologized.  “All I care about is money, always has been for the last
seventeen years.  I promise we’ll get you to Mt. Taikyoku.”

“Tamahome...” Louise watched him run off.  She brushed her wet brown hair behind her
ears.  Nuriko fell out of a nearby tree.  “Nuriko!”

“I thought for sure he’d take advantage of you!  I suppose he’s just not experienced
enough.” Nuriko snapped her fingers in disappointment.

“You mean you did that?  Thank you!” Louise jumped out of the water, ignoring that she
was wet and naked, and hugged the seishi.  Nuriko’s eyes widened as the Suzaku No
Miko wrapped her arms around Nuriko’s neck, her pale, bare breasts against Nuriko’s
chest.  “I thought Tamahome hated me!  Thank you so much!  You’re the best!”

“Huh?” Louise opened her eyes and pushed Nuriko’s dress apart.  A smooth six pack
greeted her sight.  “You’re a MAN!!”

“Ha.”  Nuriko laughed at the surprised Miko.  “Well, now you know.  I’m a man.”

“Nicole and Louese will love you when they find out...” Louise’s bright eyes widened in
shock.  “You’re GAY?!  You kissed Tamahome and want Hotohori?!”

“Love has forced me to stray the natural path.  I will do anything to be with
Hotohori-sama.  Love can transcend even gender!  Love overcomes all!”  Nuriko rambled

“Wait till the others find out.”  Louise said in a daze.

“No!  You can’t tell them!  Promise me you won’t tell them!?”  The purple-haired man
pleaded with the young girl.

“I promise....” Louise replied.

/My headache is back...  I wonder if we’ll ever get to Mt. Taikyoku./ Louise thought to
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