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Title: Fushigi Yuugi: Another World
Chapter: 4 - Lost Girl
Author: Hell
Genre: Anime - Fushigi Yuugi - Alternate Universe
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Severe Cursing
Nuriko was awakened in the middle of the night by a gut feeling that something
was wrong. She quickly got dressed and went for a walk, letting her instincts guide her.
She stopped by Diane's room and smiled. She was a cute girl, really nice also. Nuriko
quietly stepped inside the room. It had light, thought not much, and the purple haired
seishi hid behind the dressing wall, peeking out slightly.

"Well, are you going to tell me?" She heard Diane ask another person.

"I'm sorry." She heard another girl reply, she focused her eyes and saw that it was Nicole.

"No reason to apologize to me." Diane was off by Nicole.

"I'm so sorry. I tried to find Louese but couldn't." She sobbed, her head down, her
shoulders shaking.

"That's because G's in our world. Hotohori, the Emperor, sent his men to search for her,
but they couldn't. She HAS to be in our world." She told the older girl, her head went up
and felt the other's neck. Softly, her slightly tanned fingers brushed the bruises. Nicole
cringed slightly, tears refilling her hazel eyes.

"I ran into those men again..." Nicole told Diane everything that happened, and the
intruding Nuriko listened. By the time she finished Nicole was in sobbing uncontrollable.

"It's OK, they won't bother us anymore then... We'll return to our world and go home."
Diane told her best friend. The older girl stood up, wiped her eyes, and sighed.

"I'm going to bed. Nite-Nite." She hugged Diane and left. Nuriko waited a little longer to
come out from behind the wall. The lights were out as she walked up to Diane's bed. The
young girl was curled up in a ball, not moving or making a noise.

Diane felt somebody hugging her and petting her hair. She didn't move except to
look up and see Nuriko. The older woman smiled gently at her, hugging her reassuredly.

"Are you OK?" She asked the younger girl. Diane forced a smile but then lost it. Tears
ran down her cheeks and she buried her head in Nuriko’s chest.

"Nuri.... Nuriko...," She stopped crying and looked up at the woman holding her, then
continued. "You have no breasts! You're a man!"

"I know.” Nuriko chuckled. “Sorry, but I've lived a female’s life forever. Please don't
tell." Nuriko looked down at the girl who looked up at him, nodded, and smiled.

"Our little secret..." She trailed off and frowned. "Can I tell Nicole though?" Nuriko
looked thoughtful for a moment, then smiled in approval. He leaned down and kissed
Diane gently on the lips. Still smiling, he stood up, blew Diane a kiss, and left.

Louise woke up the next morning and couldn't find Tamahome. She had spent all
night thinking about what Hotohori said but she only came to one conclusion.

/I love Tamahome/ She smiled as she thought it. Of course the smile went away when
somebody rammed into her. After searching for hours, she had finally found Tamahome
and followed him into the city.

"And for sale I have... The Miko's gum! Let's start the bidding at 1 gold ryu!" Louise
heard Tamahome scream.

/My gum! That jerk!/

"Hey! How do we know this is the Miko's gum? You look too poor to know the Miko!"
One man screamed and others agreed.

"Of course he knows the Miko! I'm right here!" Louise ran up to Tamahome and he
smiled. Soon everybody started crowding in around them and he pulled her out of the
mob. They had just arrived in an alley, and lost the crowd, when four men stopped them.

"Hey! We saw you selling the gum. We want to buy the Miko." One man said and Louise
gasped. One of the men grabbed her by her brown pigtails as she turned to run away. He
jerked her back as Louise yelped in pain.

"How much?" Tamahome asked the first man and Louise felt tears spring to her eyes.

/He wants to sell me! Does he hate me that much?/

"8 gold ryus." The man offered and Tamahome smirked.

"Sorry, not enough." Tamahome beat the men up as it started to rain. He led Louise into
another alley, trying to lead her back to the palace.

"You shouldn't have come. You should've stayed with Hotohori in the palace. Why did
you follow me?" Tamahome asked in a jaded voice, his back turned to her.

"Because... Because I love you!" Louise told him. The land under her feet seemed to be

"I'm sorry, I don't love you." Was his emotionless reply as she sneezed.

"Ta~ Tamahome..." She felt dizzy and hot. The last thing she remembered was falling in
the rain and landing in the soft mud.

"I can't believe she told ME that I was sleeping in my room! Who does she think
she is?" Hotohori paced around his room, fuming. As he turned to pace the other way his
brown hair flew back and smacked one of the advisors. The advisor secretly glared at

"Shall we tell her that she has no right to tell you what to do?" One of the advisors asked
and Hotohori stopped.

"No, I'll tell her myself!" He regained his composure and walked out. When he reached
her room door he sighed and took a breath.

/If she thinks she can tell me what to do, she's very wrong! Nobody tells the Emperor
what he can and cannot do!/

He opened the door and his eyes widened in shock. Quickly, he turned around, his face

Nicole almost screamed. She had been washing the blood out of her clothes when
Hotohori had walked in, and all she was wearing was her undergarments. Quickly, she
hook her long hair so that she could cover at least a little more of her body.

"What are you DOING? The Emperor can't take a fuckin' moment to KNOCK?" She
yelled, her hands grabbing a sheet and covering herself. At those harsh words Hotohori
remembered why he had come to see the vulgar child. He turned around and looked at her

"The Emperor doesn't have to knock~." He was cut off by Nicole.

"What? So we're supposed to have fuckin' ESP? We aren't brain readers y'know!" She
told him, he looked at her in shock and anger.

"No. The Emperor may do whatever he pleases, and nobody has a right to tell him
otherwise." He smiled mockingly as a sharp smack hit him across the face. He grabbed
the side of his face, scared she may have bruised his face.

"Well the Emperor can go fuck himself! You have NO right to walk in on me, on
purpose, though I know you didn't this time, no matter who you are! And you need to pull
your ugly little head out of your tight ass! Just because you were born into a high
bloodline doesn't give you any special features that poor people don't. Except money and
the ability to bathe!" She grabbed her clothes, forgetting they were wet and that Hotohori
was watching, and put them on. She then walked up to him, her face red with anger, and
she glared at him.

"Look around you! Not inside the palace, but outside in your REAL kingdom! Women
are raped, children are killed, and people sell eachother freely! You're not even a real man
if you have no sense of reality! Before you can even be a good Emperor you have to be a
real man. Get your fuckin’' shit together.” Nicole turned around and started to walk out
of the room. “Tell Louise I'm sorry but I can't stay. Not with a male chauvinist pig like
you here." Nicole was interrupted by Tamahome running in the room.

"Louise's sick!" He was wet and looked worried. Nicole turned to him.

"Where is she? What happened?" She asked, panic overtaking the hostility that had
existed before.

"Well... No getting mad..." Tamahome waited for a reply but was only greeted by a severe
glare from the girl. Tamahome proceeded to explain what had happened.

Hotohori sat by Louise's bed. The young girl was tossing in the bed, her body was
sweating, her clothing had been damp until they were removed, and she talked in her

"Tama... Tamahome.." She said in her sleep, her face was red, and her hair was matted on
her forehead. The young Emperor sighed in defeat as he heard a person enter the room.
He figured it was Tamahome.

"Tamahome, she just said your name. I give up for now... you win. It’s you that she truly
loves." He said and sighed again.

"Too bad it isn't Tamahome." Hotohori jumped at the sound of the familiar female voice.
He then readied himself for an attack, mental and physical. The girl did nothing but sit on
the bed next to Louise, her hand wiping the sweat off of Louise's forehead, and clearing
away the wet hair. Hotohori opened his mouth to speak.

"I'm not leaving." Nicole spoke and let out a small noise. Hotohori looked up to see tears
running down her cheeks. She wiped away the tears quickly and cleared her throat.
Quickly she covered her reddened face from the Emperor’s view by leaning her head
down, pink-brown hair spiraling to cover the tears.

"You can leave now. I'll watch her." The eighteen year old said sadly.

Hotohori shook his head, "I'm staying." He paused. "After I talk to Tamahome."

"No!" Nicole grabbed his hand as he left, then let go. "I'm sorry, go on."

Hotohori sat down and looked at the girl, "Where's everyone else?"

"Tamahome's talking to the doctor that tended to Louise. Nuriko's comforting Diane.
She's great y'know."

"Who? Nuriko?" He held Louise's hand.

"No, Diane. She doesn't even know G and Louise that well yet she still worries about
them." She shut her eyes, sat on the ground, and pulled her knees to her chest. There was
a silence for many minutes.

"Nicole?" Hotohori asked, Louise had gone into a peaceful sleep. He looked down and
saw that the other girl had fallen asleep too.

"Mom... Michael..." Nicole said in her sleep.

"Guards!" He watched as some guards came in with some advisors following them.

"We want preparations made for a trip to see the oracle on Mt. Taikyoku. All the seishi,
the Miko, and her friends."

"But sire, you're the Emperor!" One advisor argued and Hotohori looked down at the
sleeping girl on the floor.

"We are a seishi and a man first and foremost. The Miko is going home." He stopped and
whispered, a smile forming on his face. "And keep your voice down, they're sleeping."
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