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Title: Fushigi Yuugi: Another World
Chapter: 2 - Worse Things Could Happen
Author: Hell
Genre: Anime - Fushigi Yuugi - Alternate Universe
Rating: PG-13
Couples: Hints of Kishuku x Diane
Warnings: Cursing

        The bright light was in Louise's eyes as she looked around. It took a while before
she realized she was on the track behind her school.  The green grass looked hot under the
bright sun.

"Louise!" Her older brother, Sivart, ran up and hugged her. She smiled as she saw her
younger brother behind Sivart, Nicole and G stood behind them.

"Was it all a dream?" Louise asked Nicole and G, their smiles quickly turned into frowns.

"How naive." G said with a scowl. Louise watched her brothers disappear.

"Then how..." She looked confused. Nicole walked up and smacked Louise hard across
the face, sending the young girl to the ground. Louise looked up at her, her hand on her
cheek, looking hurt. She stood up and was shoved harshly to the ground again by G.
"Do you really think you deserve Kishuku? He doesn't even like YOU!" Nicole smirked
at her.

"You're nothing but an annoying pest to him. How naive of you to think we could be
friends again." G spat at her, making her cower back. Louise held back tears as she saw
Kishuku and Diane appear. He leaned down and kissed Diane deeply. He then looked at
Louise and smirked.

"We'd all be better off without you." Kishuku held Diane in his arms, Diane stuck her
tongue out at her.

        The young girl was shaking in Kishuku's arms. He could see that she was crying.

"Sivart... Louese... Don't leave me!" Kishuku held the small girl tightly as she screamed
in her sleep. He brushed her soft hair back and kissed her lightly on the forehead. Louise
opened her eyes just in time to see his lips withdrawing from her forehead.

"I'll help you find your friend." He whispered, still thinking she was asleep. He then saw
she was awake and he jumped up, dropping Louise to the cold floor of the cell as he
cleared his throat. "So what was with that weird red light?"

"Weird red light? Oh... I almost went home I think..." Louise was blushing, she pulled out
a piece of gum, and popped it in her mouth.

"We have to get the key, but how?" Kishuku sat down, his face looking thoughtful.
Louise continued chewing her gum then started trying to blow a bubble. She felt the gum
splatter onto her face, completely covering her glasses.  She sighed dejectedly.

"MONSTER!!!!" The guard fainted from shock and accidentally dropped the keys.

"Wow. Way to go," Kishuku picked up the keys and unlocked the door. He looked at
Louise and screamed. "AH! What the hell did you do?" Louise picked all the gum off her
face and stuck it in the keyhole.

"Gum! Want some?" She offered a piece of gum and he shook his head.

"Let's just get out of here."

/She's actually pretty cute./

        Louise couldn't believe her luck. The people in this world were weird. She had
gotten separated from Kishuku, and managed to get lost again. Louise brushed her hair as
she looked in the mirror. She had later run into Hotohori, who she had mistaken to be a
woman at first, and he explained that she was the Suzaku No Miko, The girl from
another world meant to summon the god Suzaku to save Konan in it's time of crisis.
Kishuku was allowed to stay in the palace, he had admitted his Suzaku seishi name was
Tamahome, and Hotohori told her that he's a seishi. Of course, when the guards came, she
found out he was the Emperor also. Then, after testing some soldiers for seishi  marks,
the next seishi, Nuriko revealed herself, a princess trying to get Hotohori's attention and
maybe marry him.

Louise's train of thought was cut off by a knock on the door.

"Come in!" She called and smiled as a cleaned up Tamahome came in.  He didn’t look

"Listen... About your friends.." Tamahome looked down as he said it.

"The guards can't find your friend G. But I’m sure they'll find your friends soon."

"I'm sure G is back in my world. As for Nicole and Diane," She paused for a second,
thinking sadly. "I hope they find them soon."

/Louese'd be a better Miko than me. So would Diane, heck, anybody would be better than

        Louese glared at the book as she stopped reading.  Her face scrunched up as she
grit her teeth.
"I should've been the Miko. I should have Tamahome! Louise should die! This isn't fair,
why did I have to come back?" She complained. She swooned at the thought of
Tamahome, a smile appearing. "No, I'm sure it's not Louise that's the Miko. It is probably
Nicole or Diane. Yeah, it has to be.  I'll just ask them if I can be Miko when they come
back." G then picked up the book and went back to translating the book.

        Diane sighed as Nicole and her sat on a broken bench in front of a crumbling

"We're lost." She said, receiving only a 'No shit Sherlock' look from the eighteen year old.
Nicole yawned and lay down on the barren ground, her eyes shutting slowly and softly.

"It's the middle of day, in Ancient China, we can't sleep here!" Diane kicked her friend in
the side.

"I've been awake too long, I can't stay awake any longer." She grumbled as some monks
came out of the temple.

"Nicole! Come on! We'll split up if we have to, but we NEED to find our way back to the
palace! I'm sure G's fine and in the other world." Nicole sat up and looked at her friend.
Her only reply was a smile and a nod.

        The palace looked huge from the outside as the two girls went closer to it. As
soon as they came up to gate, the guards gave eachother weird looks, and looked back at

"Are you Diane and Nicole?" One asked as the other one looked at their clothing
impressively.  Nicole raised an eyebrow and stepped backwards a little.

"Yes. Um..." Diane was cut off by the guard.

"We've been looking for you. This way please." He led Diane through large, majestic
halls and into the throne room.

"Your Imperial Highness, We've found..." The guard was cut off by a girl tackling Diane.

"Diane! I'm glad you're ok! We found out G’s in our world. They said I'm the Miko, but I
don't think so, but that's OK because everybody’s nice to me. Well except Nuriko, she
wants me dead, but that's because she likes Hotohori, and that's OK because I'm going to
be nice to her anyways. Where's Nicole?" Louise took a breath and smiled at Diane.
Diane looked around and frowned.
"She's... gone... She was with me at the gate... But..." She saw a note in her purse with her
CD player. She slowly read it aloud.


I'm glad your safe with Louise, but I've decided to continue looking
for Louese. Well I'll see you.

Be safe,

Louise's eyes widened and she almost cried. This was so confusing. Tamahome caught
her as she fell to the ground and cried.

"Don't cry. We'll have our free men out and looking for her. Don't worry, we'll find her."
Hotohori assured her.
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