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Title: Fushigi Yuugi: Another World
Chapter: 1 - It Begins
Author: Hell
Genre: Anime - Fushigi Yuugi - Alternate Universe
Rating: PG-13
Couples: Hints of Kishuku x Diane and Kishuku x Louise
Warnings: Cursing, potential molesting

"Oh... my head..." Nicole grabbed at her head and tried to get up but couldn't. She felt a
lot of weight on her. "Who's on me?"

"I think I am..." G murmured and pushed over but only ended up with her arm in Nicole's

"OK, who's on top?" Nicole asked and saw Louise roll off then get to her feet. She dusted
herself off and blushed.

"Heh Heh heh heh.... Sorry..." Louise murmured as she helped Diane off of G and G off
of Nicole.

"Sure, don't help ME up!" Nicole rolled forward and jumped up. "Um... Guys..."

The four teenagers looked around them and saw they were no longer in the bookstore.
The ground was dusty, the buildings were made weird, and everyone around them was
dressed weird.

"I don't think we're in Japan anymore..." Nicole smiled weakly at her friends. "Where's

"G!" Louise's voice was heard and Nicole saw that she was in the middle of a crowd,
being pushed forward.

"Louise!" Nicole took off into the crowd, pushing people aside, and hoping Diane and G
was following her.

"G!" Nicole saw G run towards where Louise was being pushed from. She then saw the
two girls stumble into a nearby valley. The fifteen year old soon had caught up to Louise
and she pulled her friend into the alley.

"Nicole!" Louise screamed and Nicole ran into the alley, she saw that six guys were
coming around Louise and G. Three guys turned around just in time to see Diane tackle
one guy and Nicole punching one guy then slamming the other into a wall. G finally
struggled away from the two men holding her, managed to grab one's knife, and stabbed
the other in the leg as the first grabbed her by the throat.

"Leave her alone!" Diane screamed as a man grabbed her and held her back. Louise
screamed as the man that held her rubbed the side of her leg.

"Louise!" Nicole ran forward as the two men she fought earlier stood up and grabbed hold
of her.

"Weird girls. But they should fetch some money." Nicole heard a voice say and she
watched four more guys come from the alley. She immediately felt her heart sink.

/Somebody! Somebody help us!/

"I think the fat one is only worth the clothes she's wearing, can we just kill her?" One of
them that held her asked in a grumble.

"WHAT????????" Nicole screamed as her leg twisted and kicked the guy off of her.
Before the other could react she twisted her arm and slammed him onto the ground.

"Nicole! Look out!" G pulled towards her a little but the strong man had a grasp on her.
The eighteen year old turned around just in time to see the four men tackle her.

"What? Ten men against four girls? What kind of men are you?" A new male voice
asked. The girls watched in astonishment as a man with blue-black hair, purple eyes, and
a character glowing on his forehead beat up the men easily.

Kishuku dusted off his hands and laughed mockingly as the men ran off. He quickly spun
around and smiled at the girls. They were all looking at him weird and slightly dazed.

"Thank you." He turned to see another girl behind him, the same one he had seen the four
guys attack.

/They sure have some weird clothes.../

She wore a whitish-blue skirt, made out of some weird material, and a black shirt with no
sleeves but only tiny strings.

"The best way to say thank you is with money." He smirked and held out his hand. The
girl's smile turned into a frown as she searched her skirt for money. He turned to the other
girls, who were also searching their skirts for money. One girl, she had brownish-blonde
hair and wore a long black skirt with a white silk shirt, pulled out some green paper.

/They have to have money if she can afford silk!/

"I only have 5 dollars.." She said softly. He looked at her in confusion.

"Dollars? What kind of money is that?" He asked and frowned.

"Well do you take yen?" Another girl, with black hair and wearing a short skirt with many
colors entwined, and a white, silk, fringe shirt, asked.

"Sheesh, where are you girls from? No matter," He waved his hand dismissively and
turned around, starting to walk away. "Help doesn't come for free y'know!"

"HEY!!! We didn't ask for your help you know!?" Kishuku looked to see who had yelled
at him. She had dark red hair and wore a long, baggy skirt with a blue shirt. He
recognized her as the girl who stabbed one of the men in the leg. He turned back around,
shrugged, and walked off. She looked at him angrily then got up and started running after

"Hey! Come back here when I'm talking to you!" She screamed after him, trailing after
him. He didn't look back to see a faint red glow envelope the girl and she disappear.

The three girls wandered around the downtown, all holding hands so they
wouldn't be separated again. Louise couldn't forget the guy that saved them. He was so...
so... Cute! She felt a smile as she remembered his face. His eyes... His smile... She felt
her heart leap just thinking of him.

"Hey! Hey! Louise, wake up!" Nicole snapped her fingers in front of her.

"Huh?" Louise blinked and looked at the two girls, she noticed they were
in front of a pagoda shaped restaurant. Nicole was smirking and leaned in close.

"Here's the plan. We're all hungry so we'll eat here.," She held a finger to stop the other
two to stop them from interrupting. "We'll drop a dollar and a yen in the waiter's hand
after we eat then run out."

"We'll be caught." Diane sighed.

"That's actually the backup plan. Time for operation 'heartbreakers'! We must act
civilized and rich, act like we know what we're doing and ordering. Then just act with
me." Nicole winked at the other two and they sweatdropped.

/She can hatch a million plans a moment, but will they work?!/

"Hey, what about G?" Louise asked worriedly.

"I have a strange feeling she's OK and back in our world, don't worry." Diane smiled at
her reassuringly.

"Diane... You'll have to take your piercings out..." The oldest said in a soft voice, as if it
were a horrible secret. Diane merely sighed and took them out, trying her best to hide the

"This is so not going to work." Nicole mumbled.

"It was YOUR plan!" Louise hit her best friend and Nicole looked hurt.

"Hey, maybe somebody knows who the guy that saved us is?" Louise smiled

"And where he is." Diane agreed as they headed in.

"And if G's with him." Nicole nodded.

Kishuku walked around, handing out his business cards, and trying to get work.
“Did you hear? There's some strange looking girls wandering around, looking for a guy
with a character on his forehead." A middle-aged vendor discussed with his customer.
Kishuku turned around.

"Excuse me? Do you know where these girls were seen?" He asked and the vendor
looked thoughtful for a second.

"They were seen down by Obigara Restaurant. It's in C block." The vendor said and
Kishuku ran off, leaving his business card behind.

The jack-of-all-trades was almost to the restaurant when he heard a girlish scream.
Quickly he ran towards the source and sweatdropped when he saw three of the girls he
rescued before. The actual source was a man who had been kneed in the nuts by the
brownish-blonde hairdo girl.

"Go Louise!" The former fighter girl cheered for the small girl. Kishuku couldn't help but
smile as the bigger girl jumped up and down, a dagger in her hand, and a smile on her
face. The girl was then attacked by one of the men and the small girl was pinned against
the wall.

"So sad, Getting beat up by a girl." He said and caught the guy's attention. He then
proceeded, with ease, to beat up the men.

Diane sighed when Kishuku finished fighting. She sweatdropped when she saw Louise
swooning over the guy, sure he was cute, but nothing compared to her own boyfriend
back home.

"Damn. Now you girls REALLY owe me." He smirked at the girls and he walked over to
Diane. "I'll take my payment from her now." He leaned down and kissed her on the
forehead. When he stood back up Louise was glaring daggers at him.

"Where's G?" She demanded, ignoring the blushing Diane, and blank-faced Nicole.

"Huh?" Kishuku looked confused. "You mean that girl that ran after me? I don't know, I
probably lost her and she's somewhere in Konan."

"Konan?" Diane inquired after gathering her wits. She didn't need to fall for some weird
guy in a place she didn't know.

"How can you say that so calmly? We need to find her!" Louise screamed, worried. This
place seemed to bring her more courage.

"This is Konan, the capital actually. What's your name?" He asked Diane, completely
ignoring Louise. Louise looked as if she was about to lose it.

"C'mon Louise, we'll find G ourselves." Nicole grabbed her hand and pulled her along.

"Wait! At least introduce yourselves." Diane stopped her friends. "I'm Diane. We're
looking for our friend G. Please help us!"

"Diane! God this isn't like you at all!" Nicole screamed. "What the fuck happened to the
monotonous, vampire Diane that I used to know?!"

"Nicole, calm down." Louise shook Nicole's arm but she yanked it away.

"NO! Louese is missing, we've been attacked twice, we're in a world we don't know,
we're all acting EXTREMELY out of character, and I... I..." Nicole lowered her head, her
body shaking as she had her back turned to them. "I'm sorry." She turned around and she
was smiling.

/She's smiling... She's right, this isn't like us. Or her. Then again, this may be for the best./

"So, what's your name?" Nicole asked, her smile had faded and she now had a blank
expression on her face.

"Kishuku. Do you still want me to find your friend G?" Kishuku smiled at the girl.

"For what?"

"Excuse me?"

"How much, or what, do you want? You know we have no money, nothing."
Kishuku smiled sweetly.

"Well then, I guess I can't help. Where'd your friend go?" Kishuku asked and Nicole
rolled her eyes.

"That's what we're trying to find out." Nicole said flatly.

"Nicole," Diane looked around. "I think we lost Louise. The OTHER friend."

"Crap..." Nicole grumbled and sighed.

"Oh great!" Kishuku ran off into a large crowd of people, the two girls following him.
The girls arrived just in time to see Louise trip and pull off the carriages' curtains.
Luckily, Kishuku was far ahead of them, close enough to protect Louise from the guards.
Nicole and Diane’s eyes widened as they saw a red light envelope Katy, then the light
withered away, and the guards took them to the palace.

Don't forget, constructive criticism is welcome. Even from Ie or Y...
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